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Present rulers’ skewed policies, intentions and lack of morality cause of India’s current sordid state of affairs:Modi(Video)

Gandhinagar, 13 May 2013

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today held the present rulers’ skewed policies and intentions and lack of morality as the cause of India’s sordid state of affairs.

Addressing the Indian diaspora celebrating ‘Gujarat Day’ in 20 American cities through videoconferencing from here early morning, he said the present leaders of India have pushed the 125-crore people to the brink in the hour of their need.

As it happens to be ‘Mother’s Day’ late evening in America, Mr. Modi said that in India the event manifests Matri-Shakti, the prowess of motherly power, which is embraced daily in our life. People have for long considered the earth as the mother so also India as Bharat Mata. While the family system is breaking up in the entire world, mothers in India have bound the family together with their love, affection and sacrifice. There is need to realize this basic truth in our DNA.

While the world looks up to India to take the global leadership in the 21st Century, he said, India’s weak and failed foreign policies have created an atmosphere of gloom among 125-crore Indians.

Mr. Modi regretted that the same people who beheaded our jawans are now being treated with sumptuous meals of chicken-biryani by our Prime Minister. Chinese soldiers are infiltrating into Indian territories and Indians counterparts are retreating.

During his 100-minute interaction with Indians settled abroad, telecast live by several electronic channels, Mr. Modi spoke at length about UPA Government’s level of corruptions, bomb blasts at Pune and Hyderabad have pushed India’s pride and prestige to nadir.

While the people of India have lost faith in the Central Government, Mr. Modi said that six-crore Gujaratis have reposed full confidence on the Gujarat’s present government. Gujarat is developing fast, and is being discussed all around. He owed it to Gujaratis and Indians’ resolute love for Gujarat, and to their simplicity and service. He described Gujarati global community as the true cultural ambassador of Gujarat. Gujarat hasn’t restricted its growth to its borders; its 1,600-km long coastline has become the gateway of India.

Flipping through the pages of history, he recalled how bullets were fired from the Congress House in Ahmedabad at young boys participating in the Mahagujarat Andolan for bifurcation of bilingual Bombay State on May 1, 1960. He said people also pay tributes to the tender-aged martyrs on May Day, to the leaders of the movement like Indulal Yagnik.

He said that Gujarat’s mantra is ‘sauno saath, sauno vikas’, the state will march ahead taking everybody along, last man living in the last mile on the paths shown by Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay.

Mr. Modi pointed out that what was once known as Gujarat’s Golden Corridor’ from Ankleshwar-Vapi has been now extended to the eastern tribal belt and the seacoast. He counted steps like setting up Forensic Science Laboratory as well as providing livelihood to kite manufacturers in the run-up to making a success of International Kite Festival. It is not that he alone is responsible for all the developments of Gujarat. There used to be lions in Gir. Somnath temple was also there. But, yes, his government has hastened the process, made it all pervading and all inclusive, starting Rann Utsav in Kutch, supplying 24×7 hours electricity to villages, constructing toilets, urban facelift, removing malnutrition, reducing maternal deaths and infant mortality.

He invited the Gujarati community living abroad to contribute to Gujarat building the world’s highest, Statue of Unity, on the Narmada river to commemorate Iron Man Sardar Patel.

Ironically, he said, Central Government has awarded several prizes to Gujarat Government – notwithstanding Gujarat-bashers’ continued tirade of spreading lies about Gujarat. Replying to questions, Mr. Modi said that Gujarat continued to maintain a balanced growth rate in agriculture, industry and service sectors.

The Chief Minister complimented organizers of Gujarat Day, Dr Bharat Barai, Mahendra Patel and Ramesbhai Patel.

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  1. san says:

    -Modi should be wary of Kapti Sibal who will use Modi’s IP address and send mails and then claim that Modi this and that.
    -Kapti is already working on this.
    - Modi and his team should be prepared for this and should already start targetting this Kapti on his nefarious designs.
    -Also Modi and his team should be careful and look out whether anybody is misusing his or his teams computer to send illegal messages by hacking.

  2. rakesh patel says:

    Great Speeche!!!!

  3. uttam says:

    modi saheb khali gujarat ne lai ne besi roh…..tamari j same yeddurappa karta mota brasthachari party ne karnatak ma jitadi…these people have small vision….dont go other state…do godd for gujarat only…congress is ruling india,their scame people know,eventhough karnatak vote for congress…chod do un logo ko bhagwan ke hatho…..work for only gujarat not for india…..very hard say this…but…

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