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If popularity is criteria, make BigB President:Shatrughan Sinha

New Delhi, 3 August 2013

BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha again on Friday passed newsy remarks regarding Modi.

“Advani may not be a contender. But my personal view is that Advani is the best for Prime Minister’s candidate suited from all aspects, including seniority,” Sinha told a TV news channel.

“Popularity alone cannot be the criterion. If that is the criterion, then the most popular person in the country today is Amitabh Bachchan. It is our wish that he becomes the President,” he quipped. Sinha felt that projecting Modi has the potential to divert attention from the raging issues of UPA Government’s scams and price rise.

“There are no two opinions about this. He(Gujarat CM) is capable like (MP CM) Shivraj Singh Chouhan,” he said.

Sinha’s comments on BJP’s probable PM candidate come despite a gag order by the party top brass, which has advised leaders not to speak on this subject outside party platform.Last week, Sinha had met Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and praised him saying he was Prime Minister material.

The BJP, however, refused to confront its MP Shatrughan Sinha and even requested the media to “ignore” him. Asked about Sinha’s latest salvo, BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi was cautious in her reaction. “Our party president is aware of these comments and he will take cognisance. I am not authorised to speak on the issue,” she said. When pressed for a reaction, she said, “Please ignore Sinha”.

Party vice-president Uma Bharti had also compared Sinha with Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh saying their comments should not be taken seriously. “Best punishment for them is to ignore them,” Bharti had said.

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  1. Mayank Jain says:

    Shatru has always been jealous of Amitabh Bachchan. With Modi ji at the helm of affairs, Amitabh being the next President of India is not a far fetched idea. It is outside the scope of the villain, that is why he thinks so. there are some people who are only fit to do advertisements for keeping their SPIRITS high.

  2. KANT says:

    This STUPID person does all kind of BAKVAS … JUST ignore him…..
    THERE are many these kind of IDIOTS in the nation who BLABBER MOUTH everything….
    I have a feeling that his is connected to BLACK MONEY and AFRAID that his empire would come down when the WORLD finds out about his DIRTY MONEY……

    HE is OINK DIGGY of BJP….. TALK some sense…He talks NON SENSE and MEDIA promotes him….
    I think he drinks TOO MUCH… JUST look at his face/…I think he LOST IT…..

    Have you seen any animal when about to LOSE, HOW hard it FIGHTS…..SAME thing this useless person is doing…. He knows he will be exposed when another person could have POWER…..

    MANY MINES MAFIAS are scared….Their empire would come DOWN….JAY HIND…..

  3. Good Samaritan says:


    Now this shotGun is acting villain in real life too by taking deliberate potshots! I do not know what has gone into his head, but if he does not mend his ways, he is destined to be doomed! He could be catapulted in to oblivion before he knows it unless he changes his tracks!

    Seems like a classic case of political harakiri!

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