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Lal Kila vs Lalan College on Independence day morning

Ahmedabad, 15 August 2013

Some quick observations on Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s 15th August morning speech at Lalan college in Bhuj. Ditto as Shri Modi had said yesterday, his speech was compared with the red fort speech of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on almost every national news TV channel today morning. Not only on TV channels, but on social media platform too.

-It was a state level Independence day function, but Chief Minister spoke in Hindi, thanks to the presence of almost all national news tv channels telecasting his speech live.

-Major content of Mr. Modi’s speech was questioning the content of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s speech at red fort.

-Mr. Modi questioned why Prime Minister skipped Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri etc in his speech, and why he is loyal to one single family?

-Mr. Modi also questioned why Prime Minister didn’t speak about those died/still missing in Uttarakhand?

-Mr. Modi said the speech at Red fort is important to inspire our security forces, but Prime Minister’s speech failed to do this.

-Mr. Modi reffered to President’s yesterday’s speech in whcih mentioning Pakistan he said that there should be a limit to tolerance. Modi said he was expecting PM will speak about what President spoke, but any he could not hear it from PM.

-Modi attacked the centre over corruption, bhai bhatijavad, new searial on mama, bhanja, saas, bahu and damad, China border, poverty, sliding Rupee, slow moving files etc.

-Modi said PM’s today’s speech was on the lines of first PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech. All kinds of problems were narrated, then what did the successive government do in all these decades?

-Modi said most of the news channels said that this is the last speech of Dr. Manmohan Singh, but Dr. Singh today was still announcing today ‘we have yet to do much more’!

-Modi said, as nation is unfurling tricolour, your(Congress) brigade is on computer only thinking about how to defame Modi.

-Modi asked PM to debate on development – on one side Gujarat’s development and on the other side India’s development.

-Seven new districts in Gujarat, good rain, state’s development for nation’s development were other issues mentioned in Mr. Modi’s speech.

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  1. KANT says:


  2. old_reader says:

    Modhvadia as usual.He lost all due respect. Deshgujarat and other guys, just check how many tweets modhvadia did when they lost and result was out :P

    • KANT says:

      @ My frie3nd….. Just ignore this loser just like DOGGY in central…..
      THESE all congress party people are loyal servants of NEHRU family….Their loyalty is towards NRHRU family and not to the NATION….so just think THEY do not exist….They are DEAD for me…JAY HIND…

  3. Dinesh Dalwadi says:




    ONE-DAY-MAA-TRA-M [M-Modiji]

  4. Heeralal Yadav says:

    Thanks for all guys for commenting on speech, now its time to judge our prime leader who can take decision independently,

  5. awantika tiwari says:

    Narendra modi speech is awesome i salute u

  6. amit bharti says:

    Modhavadiya did it agian, showed his hate for Modi & Gujarat.
    NaMo nu tej joyi ne Arjuniyo jali ne khakh thai jaaya chhe.
    Be Badaam no manash chhe aa Italian Bhakta.

  7. kk says:

    Very understandable speech ,but this is how white rulers brains work. They play games, if someone raises voice or knows the truth they try to destroy,defame that person or say he/she is not a team player and try to cover up their wrong doing as if noone sees or noone understands.I think their minds cannot even think good for others . To expect good for the country from them is a joke. What is not done in all these years how can we expect now…..They have lost their chance.NO ONE SHOULD WASTE THEIR VOTE. If entire counry decides to rid off corruption how kongis are going to hold on to corruption? GOOD LUCK in all good work.

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