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Modi dedicates war memorial, dedicated water supply pipeline for BSF

Bhuj, 15 August 2013

The Chief Minister today inaugurated a war memorial at Dharamshala border post of Border Security Force(BSF) in Kutch district.

Modi said his one pledge of building a war memorial has been completed. The war memorial has been built at a cost of Rs. 85 lakh.

Modi also inaugurated Rs. 8.27 crore project of Narmada oriented drinking water pipe line (new express pipe line 27.50 km). He said this pipe line will permanently solved the problem of water supply to BSF jawans deployed on border. He said this pipe line will supply water upto the last border post.

Modi criticized central government’s decision in which right of BSF jawans to retaliate at Bangladesh border has been snatched away.

Chief Secretary Varesh Sinha, BSF Gujarat IGP AK Sinha, IG AS Rathor, DIG MPS Bhati, Commandant AS Johal, DDO RJ Bhalara, Water supply board member secretary Mahesh Singh, Superintendent engineer RL Patel, LG Fufal among others were present at the progamme which was helda t Dharamshala border post.

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  1. KANT says:

    This is VERY GOOD…..This is what is NEEDED for the future of the nation……MOST people have NO THOUGHT what BSF does….. JAY HIND…

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