Professor Ashish Nanda steps aside as Director IIMA

Ahmedabad DeshGujarat: Professor Ashish Nanda ​today announced that he was stepping aside as Director, IIMA, with effect from September 1, 2017. Shri Nanda has in his letter to members of the IIMA community has expressed his wish to be with his wife and son (in America) after spending four year in Ahmedabad as Director of IIMA.

Professor Nanda’s letter to IIMA community

April 27, 2017 | Ahmedabad

“Dear members of the IIMA community:

These past three and a half years, I have woken up every day feeling fortunate to be working for an institution that has contributed tremendously to me. I feel privileged to have followed in the footsteps of people I greatly admire, to have had the opportunity to lead the Institute at a crucial time in its trajectory, and to have contributed to the best of my ability to its continuing success.

I believe we are at a point when there is alignment among various constituencies of the Institute as to the direction we ought to follow and considerable momentum along the path that we are following. We have a committed and enthusiastic chairman providing vision and guidance, a wise and engaged board, faculty that is productive and energized, staff that is loyal and devoted, brilliant and hardworking students, a diaspora of alumni committed to the Institute’s long term success, governmental support for operating autonomously to achieve our dreams, and industry that respects and values the Institute. This is as good a time as any for leadership transition at the Institute. Thus, I have requested IIMA Chairman Mr. Birla that I step aside from the position of director, and he has graciously acceded to my request.

Professionally, I have enjoyed the experience immensely and I have learned a lot. However, personally, living a long distance from my wife and son has been a challenge. When I joined, I had committed to serving at most one term. On September 1, it will be four years, to the day, since I took charge. It is a good time to step aside and to hand over the responsibility and honor of leading the Institute to the next, fortunate person. I will hand over responsibilities of director at the end of that day.

Of course, my heart is always with IIMA. I am always available to help the Institute in any way that I can. And I will contribute to effect a smooth transition.

I am grateful to Mr. Naik, Mr. Patel, and Mr. Birla for their unstinted support and guidance, to the board members for their selfless contribution and prudent counsel, to the faculty for their dedication and effort, to the alumni for their avowed affection and engagement, to the staff for their fidelity and goodwill, and to the students for their dreams and their dedication. But I couldn’t have had this extraordinary adventure without the love of my wife, who, despite the distance we have lived apart, has been a partner with me in this journey every step of the way, the blessings of my parents, and the affection of my son.

With regards,
Ashish Nanda”


In a related development, Shri Nanda’s resignation offer has been accepted by Chairman of IIMA Board of Governors Shri Kumar Manalam Birla.


Message from Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, IIMA Board 

April 27, 2017 | Ahmedabad

“Dear Prof. Nanda,

I have received your resignation dated 26/4/2017. We have had a conversation about this for the past couple of weeks, and I fully understand your need to be with family and the inconvenience that the separation is causing you. Hence, I accept your resignation, albeit with regret.

In the few months that we have worked together, I have seen your unwavering commitment to IIMA and the passion and zeal with which you have worked for its holistic progress. You have done a wonderful job in the past 31⁄2 years that you have been heading the Institute, and I am sure that you will remain engaged with the Institute in the future as well.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, and on my own behalf, I would like to express our gratitude for your outstanding contribution to IIMA.

As we have discussed, I have no doubt that you will carry out your responsibilities as Director with undiminished enthusiasm and commitment till your last working day here.

Many thanks and warm regards, Kumar Mangalam Birla”

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