Amit Shah lambasts Congress over Narmada dam project

Ahmedabad: Attacking main opposition Congress party over Narmada project, BJP president Amit Shah in BJYM Gujarat’s Yuva Townhall programme here said Rahul Gandhi should answer why Narmada project kicked off by his great grandfather(Nehru) couldn’t complete even under his father(Rajiv Gandhi).

‘Bhoomi pujan of Narmada project was done by Nehru even before my birth. Now I am 53 and Narmada dam is completed. Why Narmada project started only after BJP governments in power? Why Congress governments had blocked the progress of Narmada project? Why Indira Gandhi didn’t allow Narmada project to progress? The project could progress when Morarji Desai became Prime Minister but again halted as soon as Indira Gandhi was reelected to power. Now on 17th of this month, Prime Minister Narendrabhai will worship Narmada waters and inaugurate the dam.

Shah said Rahul Gandhi should answer why the project started by his great grandfather didn’t complete in his father’s time?

Shah said the Prime Minister approved installation of gates on Narmada dam just in ten days after taking charge of his office. Just before closure of Narmada dam gates, former Gujarat Congress president Arjun Modhwadia went to people agitating over Narmada dam. Why Modhwadia and Medha Patkar happened to choose same period of time to visit them? Even when Narmada gates were closed, Congress MPs Jyotiraditya Scendia and Digvijay Singh raised questions regarding this in parliament. If they want to raise questions, they certainly can, but why Digvijay Singh? Now let you bring Digvijay Singh to Gujarat.

Shah said the youths here should ask question to Congress. However Gujarat doesn’t need Congress’ commitment anymore for Narmada project. The dam is completed. Narendra Modi’s willingness has resulted into completion of Narmada dam.