Your 3 generations did injustice to Gujarat, people aren’t going to vote for you:Shah attacks Rahul in Porbandar

Porbandar: Addressing a huge gathering at Porbandar on the occasion of launching of Gujarat Gaurav Yatra – 2 in Porbandar today, BJP president Amit Shah while attacking Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi termed Congress’s hopes for winning Gujarat assembly polls as daydream.

Shah said: They dream about winning this time. Let me say, under Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, BJP has replaced Congress in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, Manipur and Uttar Pradesh. If you want to see dream, you can see, but if you want to see daydreams, you can’t go to America for vacation, you need to come to Porbandar, you need sweating, you need to have track record of development of people of Gujarat. If you ask for votes after opposing Gujarat through your three generations, people are not going to vote for you.

Shah in his speech lambasted Congress party for injustice done to Sardar Patel, Morarji Desai, Narendra Modi and Gujarat by Congress leaders and governments in power in the Centre.

Shah asked Rahul Gandhi: While our Army jawans are fighting the terrorists in Kashmir, a Congress leader called our Army General a street goon. I want to ask Rahul Gandhi, what actions he is going to take against that leader? Rahul should give account first before seeking account of performance from us.

Shah recalled the days of mafias in Gujarat under then Congress governments including Ijju Sheikh, Ibhla Sheth and Mammumiya Panjumiya.

Shah in response to Congress campaign questioning Gujarat development gave series of facts and figures projecting works done under BJP governments in Gujarat. Shah in his yet another speech continued to give comparative figures of the situation of Gujarat under the last Congress government and the present BJP government.

Shah asked people to remember the budget size of Gujarat during the last Congress government and the present BJP government and make comparison of both.

Shah said Rahul looks at Gujarat through Italian glasses and therefore unable to see development here. He needs to wear Gujarati glasses to see the reality here, Shah added.

Shah said the elections of Gujarat assembly are going to take place in the first week of December this year.


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