Hating Hindus was the meaning of Secularism since Nehru’s time, Modi has changed it:Uma Bharti


Union Minister and Senior BJP leader Uma Bharti today said that PM Narendra Modi has established the true meaning of secularism which was distorted as ‘hating Hindus’ since the time of Nehru.

Talking to newsmen here today Bharti said, ‘Modi ji has given the new meaning to secularism. Since the time of Nehru ji there was only one meaning to this term and it was also promoted by the communists. It was – Hating Hindus.’

‘Now Modi ji has given it its true meaning which is respect for all religions and owing to it even Congress (in an indirect reference to the recent temple visits of Rahul Gandhi) has been compelled to doing rounds of various temples,’ she said.

She said that the pride of Gujarat has become the matter of national pride. After long time a completely Indian Prime Minister in the form of Modi ji has taken the reins of the country with full majority.


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