Another opinion poll predicts BJP victory in Gujarat polls

Ahmedabad: A BW Businessworld C Voter opinion poll in Gujarat finds out that 50.7 per cent voters are going to vote the BJP in the coming general elections of assembly against 40.6 per cent vote to Congress. This may result into 121 to 131 seats for BJP. The BW Businessworld C Voter snap poll is based on interviews of 9320 randomly selected respondents sampled across 182 Assembly segments of Gujarat. 50.5 per cent of the state population are “very much satisfied” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s works while 25.9 per cent of the population are “satisfied to some extent” with him. Only 20.1 per cent of the state population are not satisfied with him. The percentage of population “not at all satisfied” with CM Vijay Rupani is 26.3 per cent. Only 31.3 per cent voters say that GST has made their lives worse, while 43.6 per cent of voters say it has made their lives better. 44.2 per cent of the voters say that demonetisation has made their lives better, while only 28.9 per cent believe it has made them worse. 61.6 per cent of Gujarati voters voted for Modi as PM while 27 per cent voted for Rahul.


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