Modi hit out at Sibal terming his ‘lawyer of lies’, asks- why Congress could not send him to jail in 10 years


PM Narendra Modi today hit out at Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal who has reportedly given a formula of reservation to Patidar community over and above 50% limit put by the apex court, and termed him a lawyer who is used by Congress party for all the cases pertaining to its lies.

Addressing a rally here he also recalled that Sibal had in a Congress rally in Viramgam in 2007 election claimed that Modi would soon be landed in jail. ‘But despite passage of 10 year since then I am very much out here. Congress was determined to send me to jail and after Sibal’s uttering in 2007, it was a ruling party at center for seven years ie since 2014. But they could not do so. Now this Kapil Sibal who pleads for congress in all the matters pertaining to its lies and falsity, was again trying to spread lies in Gujarat. He had in 2007 tried to spread fear in people by speaking about my landing in jail and now he was misleading a community (Patidars). But Gujarat was not the name of the one which ever fear anything. Now he was trying to tempt Gujarat with lollypop but he must know that Gujarat moves around with such people in its pocket. Why don’t you speak the truth. Why are you promising such a thing which had not been fulfilled in last 70 years,’ he said.

Modi said that Congress which has been wiped out of its hub of Uttar Pradesh was now trying to disturb the social fiber of Gujarat with an eye on 2019 general election. ‘The people of UP have ousted them and now they are trying to create such a situation in Gujarat thinking that I am now out at Delhi as PM that the people of state start cursing me before the polls and their closed shops start running again,’ he said.

‘But attempts of social divide in Gujarat have failed in the past too and the people of the state will not let Congress succeed them. Gujarat has become a development model because of its social unity and harmony,’ Modi said.


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