5 to 10% leaders worked against party in Gujarat polls: Rahul Gandhi


Congress President Rahul Gandhi today said that the party would take action against the leaders who worked against the party in Gujarat assembly polls.

Addressing the party workers and leaders after the region wise review of poll results Gandhi said that there were five to 10% leaders of the party who worked against the party in the election and now the party would take action against them. A leader howsoever big has no future in Congress if he/she did not stand with the party at the time of polls.

He said that the party would also move forward those leaders who had worked hard for it during the polls.

‘90% of the leaders remained together but there were five to 10% who did not help Congress in the election. I assure you that the party would act against them now,’ he said in his address in the Gujarat University convention hall here.

Rahul said that the main reason for the defeat of the Congress in Gujarat polls was the false defamation campaign by Modi Ji and BJP in against the party and its leaders in the state for the past 20 year. The main challenge before him was to make the party leaders in the state believe 100% that the party can win but with only 70% doing so the result was visible not only to Gujarat but the whole country. Now the difference was only of 10 seats and the confidence was there that we would win. The result will be visible in next loksabha and assembly polls.

He said that Congress caught BJP in the election and the myth of Gujarat model was broken. BJP was saying 3-4 months ago that Congress won’t win more than 20-25 seats but the results have made the whole country see what the party can do with its ideology. We have lost but in reality we have won. BJP had every means with it but we only had truth.

Rahul said that a new leadership in the party has been created in the election which would lead the party in the next assembly poll and get it victory with 135 seats. Every MLA of the party should work as the Ambassador of Congress. He alleged that BJP government would again keep working for industrialists for the next five years and the Congress would work for the safeguard of commoners. He also praised the manifesto of the party terming it historic and said that the issues raised during election and the battle for them would continue. He said that Gujarat has won his heart and he would keep coming here.

In the end he congratulated BJP for electoral win and said that he congratulate party the chief minister of which would rule the people and hope that he would work for Gujarat.

Earlier during the review meetings several issues were raised before him. Some leaders from North Gujarat said that had OBC leader Alpesh Thakor not been made candidate the party could have won more seats. Thakor later also said that he was made a candidate on party’s decision and may be the party would have won more seats if he would have been free for campaign on more seats.