Surat to have more public sculptures

Surat: The city of Surat will soon have public sculptures at important public places. Surat Municipal Corporation(SMC) recently organized Surat Stone Sculpture Symposium in which globally famed 11 artists participated. The SMC has procured stones from various parts of country such as Bansipahadpur and pink sand stone from rajasthan, yellos sand stone from Khavda, Rajnagar white marble, Bheslana black marble Kesaria babar raj pink marble etc.

7 Indian, 3 Japanese and 1 Italian artists are participating in this workshop. They are assisted by junior artists. Surat Artjan organization is curating and conducting the workshop. The workshop will continue till February 15 at Science Centre.

SMC had also organized similar sculpture symposium in 2017 through which 10 public art were created.