Some theaters/multiplexes in Ahmedabad may screen Padmaavat; SRP cover provided to them

Ahmedabad: State Reserve Police platoon 10 will provide security cover to 10 theaters/multiplexes that are likely to release controversial Hindi film Padmaavat on January 25. City police has decided to provide this cover in view of violent protests against the film, release of which has been cleared by the Supreme Court.

The ten theaters/multiplexes listed to avail security cover are Cinepolis, Big Cinema, PVR, Drive In, K Sera Sera, Mukta, Cinemax, Rajhans and City Gold Bopal. At least 7 theaters are likely to release the movie, while 3 are still making up mind.

Majority of theaters/multiplexes however have decided to skip the movie in view of violent protests. Some cinemas have put up boards outside their premises declaring that they are not going to screen Padmaavat movie. Agitators who claim there are substances in this movie which hurt their sentiments.

A group of protesters had attacked the box office of Rajhans cinema in Nikol area of city late in the evening two days ago. While protesters claim historical character of Rani Padmavati of Rajatshan who is worshiped by Rajputs and others has been portrayed wrongly in the film, some prominent journalists like Rajat Sharma and spiritual leader Sr Sri Ravishankar who have watched the pre-release screening have opined that the film had nothing that might hurt the sentiments. In fact the film portrays velour of Rajputs very well. Due to pre-release controversy, the film is getting bumper advance booking wherever it is going to release.

Meanwhile, the State Transport bus routes connecting Patan district are resumed today. Theater owners held a meeting with local police in Patan and made announcement that they would not screen the film. In last two says, number of State Transport buses were attacked and burned by protesters. Public bus traffic on Ahmedabad-Mahesana, Kheda and Himmatnagar routes has also resumed.

It’s worth noting that yesterday, the Gujarat chief of Karni Sena had warned his cadres not to attack public properties or he would step down from the post.

Today in a press conference, the Commissioner of Police in Surat city warned protesters and said that so far the police had observed restraint but now onward the police will take strict action against violent protesters.


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