Nations that got independence after India, progressed more because Congress was busy only in family bhakti: PM

New Delhi: In reply to President’s address to parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address in Lok Sabha today said the countries that achieved freedom after India have more progressed compared to India. Modi slammed Congress party for its prolong rule during which the country couldn’t progress matching to its potential.

‘The countries that got freedom after India have progressed even more than us. We will have to admit it,’ the PM said.

Addressing the Congress party members, Prime Minister Modi said,’You divided India but the countrymen were still with you. You ruled this nation for three-four decades. Existence of opposition party was just token. Media was limited and they were with the government hoping for good of nation. Radio was singing your song without any dissenting voice and later when TV media arrived, it was also dedicated to you. In that era, judiciary’s top appointments were made by Congress party. This much of luxury was available to you. Public Interest Litigation(PILs)were not filed in courts and there were no so many NGOs. Your ideology was in sync with the general atmosphere prevailing in country. You were ruling from Panchayat to Parliament, but whole time was wasted in singing songs of one family(Nehru-Gandhi family). This nation’s history was deliberately forgotten and all strength was mobilized for bhakti of one family. There was a spirit of taking the nation ahead. If you had worked responsibly, you could build this country, but you were busy in your own tune. If you had selected right policy and worked accordingly, the nation could be far better than where it is today.’


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