‘Haemophilia Jagruti’ Gujarati magazine launched


On the occasion of the ‘World Haemophilia Day’, Shri Rajendra Trivedi Speaker of Gujarat legislative assembly today launched ‘Haemophilia Jagruti’ magazine to spread awareness about Haemophilia, an inherited bleeding disorder. The magazine will be run by the Haemophilia Education & Information Trust (HET) which is into treatment and research to cure this disorder since 2010.

The founder chairperson of the trust Shri Pravinsinh Mori stated that the newly launched magazine would serve the purpose of spreading awareness and bringing people’s focus to this disorder.

Haemophilia is an inherited condition, wherein blood’s ability to clot is affected significantly. People with haemophilia have tendency to experience sudden or internal bleeding and often have swollen joints, muscles and bleeding into brain or skull can lead to life threatening situations and even death.

Since majority of the people in India and Gujarat haven’t been much aware about this disorder, the efforts put in by HET have helped in amassing momentum in bringing awareness about Haemophilia.


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