L&T inaugurates new production line for BrahMos Transport Launch Canister (TLC) at Ranoli in Gujarat

Vadodara: L&T Defence today announced the inauguration of a second production line for BRAHMOS Transport Launch Canister (TLC) at Ranoli, near Vadodara in Gujarat to cater to the serial production requirements of BRAHMOS Supersonic Cruise Missile System.

The second production line will manufacture canisters designed for storage, transportation and launch of BRAHMOS missiles. BRAHMOS Missile System was successfully test-fired recently.It is integrated with L&T manufactured Composite Airframes and two different versions of Transport Launch Canister (TLC). L&T has been associated with the development of BRAHMOS Missile Programme for close to two decades. The Advanced Composites Manufacturing Facility of L&T Defence at Ranoli, Vadodara, is geared up for serial production of BRAHMOS TLC.

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