Singer Kinjal Dave gets court notice over copyright violation allegations in connection with Char Char Bangdi song

Ahmedabad: After getting court notice about copyright and temporary ban on her most popular song ‘Char-Char Bangadi Wali Gaadi–‘ , famous Gujarati singer Kinjal Dave claims- she has not copied anyone

After getting court notice restricting her from singing her most liked and one of the super-duper hit songs of Gujarati music industry ‘Char-Char Bangadi Wali Gaadi—–‘ over alleged copyright issue, well-known singer Kijnal Dave today reiterated that it was not a copied song and her advocate would put her side in the court on the next date of hearing on January 22.

Notably the judge of commercial court here had issued the order on January 1 in this regard after hearing the complain of the Red Ribbon Entertainment Pvt Ltd of Mumbai which has claimed that the song was an original piece of Melbourne (Australia) based Kathiawadi singer Kartik Patel. He had uploaded the original song way back in 2016 and Kinjal’s song was a copy of it with slight changes. They have also objected that no credit has been given to the original creator of the song by Kinjal which was uploaded on you tube later that year.

Meanwhile, Kinjal today claimed that she has not sung any copied song. ‘This song was written by Manubhai Rabari more than two and a half years ago and was recorded in the Saraswati Studio. The legal battle itself was itself going on for around 2 and a half years. We will put forth our side in the court on January 22. We also will have to be abide by the court’s order. I am also in consultation with my lawyer about this,’ She said.

Kartik, on the other hand in a video message from Melbourne said that he was happy about the court’s order. ‘I appreciate the judgement which was a like a message for the entire music industry. There music pieces should not be stolen in this manner. The credit should be given to the original creator,’ he said.

The court in its order has also restrained Kinjal and others concerned from selling the song, conducting live stage concerts, online download, making of new cassettes and CDs till the next date of hearing ie January 22.