Maulvi who had given revolver and bullets for murder of Kishan Bharwad has been nabbed: MoS Harsh Sanghavi

Ahmedabad: A Maulvi (Muslim cleric) had given revolver and bullets to murderers for murder of 30-year old Hindu youth Kishan Boliya (Bharwad), said Minister of State Harsh Sanghavi while speaking to media persons after a visit to Kishan’s family in Sachana village of Ahmedabad district. Sanghavi said while the executors were young enough, a person who motivated them to commit the crime of killing a father of twenty-day old daughter happened to be a cleric who should actually guide people to take good path. Sanghavi said it was shocking that a Maulvi gave a revolver and five bullets for murder. He said radicalization of youths is unacceptable. Sanghavi said he put his hand over the head of a twenty-day old girl child of Kishan Bharwad and assure the family for timely justice.

‘A 20-day innocent child’s father Kishanbhai was brutally murdered. Ram Bapu, Zanzarka gadi pati, our district leaders, minister Kiritsinhji and other leading persons had demanded that different teams should be formed urgently to reach to the truth in this case.An urgent decision was made and actions were taken within an hour. Ahmedabad district police formed various teams and through them, the probe was initiated involving all aspects of this case. Some murders are done in anger, some murders are executed for revenge, but this murder is special. This murder is a case of conspiracy. When in-depth probe was carried out,  we received the details on why this murder case is special. The details surfaced that how murders were motivated those details were revealed. ‘

‘Those two youths, responsible for this murder are caught. But shocking truth came out, when probed further and asked what motivated them to commit this crime. A revolver through which a 20-day old girl’s father was killed was given to murderers by a Maulvi (a Muslim cleric). Lakhs and crores of youths like me are jointly marching ahead for the development of Gujarat. They are sad to know that those who are reached out by the people for receiving proper guidance actually motivated the youth to commit a murder. The youths who committed murder were quite young. Radicalization of youths is unacceptable. A Maulvi responsible for this crime has been nabbed. The youths who committed murder of Kishanbhai were given a revolver and five cartridges  by this Maulvi.’
‘Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, State party chief CR Patil and other leaders have demanded that such cases must be probed in very serious manner and ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) Gujarat, Ahmedabad Crime Branch are probing it.  I have put my hand over the head of the daughter of late Kishanbhai, and we have promised that we will ensure that Kishanbhai’s murderers are punished. We appeal to all the people from all communities that if they have any detail in this case, they should share it.’ 

‘The State government has asked district police to appoint a Special Public Prosecutor if required. The State government will rope in the best lawyers and give justice to the family of Kishanbhai. We held a meeting with community leaders. They have  thanked Ahmedabad district police jawans who have not gone to their home for the last three days.  I promise you that I will ensure timely justice. I have talked to various community leaders and appealed to them to maintain peace so that the Police can concentrate on the probe and its attention is not diverted elsewhere. ‘

Kishan Boliya was shot dead by two Muslim youths on bike on January 25 on public road in Dhandhuka town over blasphemous social media post he had allegedly shared. Dhandhuka, Ranpur, Surendranagar, Botad, Dhrangadhra and other towns have observed strike and held protest programmes over the murder of Kishan Boliya. Two murderers who executed the crime were nabbed earlier. MoS Sanghavi today informed that a Maulvi has also been nabbed. DeshGujarat