Locals Hindus in Bhavnagar allegedly threatened to sell their flats

Bhavnagar: A mob of around 150 Muslims allegedly threatened around 15 flat owners at a complex at Ghogha road, Mokhdaji circle in Bhavnagar to sell their flats to them.

The residents of Swastik flats opposite Rajaram aveda near Mokhdaji circle at Ghogha road alleged that several Muslims often threatened and enticed each flat owner to sell the flat to them. A mob of around 100 to 150 Muslims arrived there 3 to 4 days ago and threatened them to sell the flats, they said. They told the flat residents that they know everything about the occupation of each of them and they will pay high prices for the flats. The mob allegedly said that the residents should be ready to face the outcomes if they still won’t get convinced to sell the flats. The mob further said that they will make it difficult for them to live if they don’t sell the flats to them.

The residents further informed that a scheme is under development in front of their flats in which the bookings are made only by the Muslims. The development started after the administration granted approval for change of purpose of the land. A flat owner of the Swastik flats informed that a BJP leader acts as a mediator for selling of their flats. He tells the residents that they will never get such high prices for the flats which are offered to them and they won’t be able to live there after the Muslims start living in the scheme under development. DeshGujarat