Train services affected on Dec 12-13 due to 4-hour block on Valsad-Surat section

Surat: Some trains on the Valsad-Surat section of Western Railway will be affected due to a 4-hour block announced by the Western Railway on 12th and 13th December.

There will be a block from 11:50 am to 3:50 pm on 12th December and from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm on Wednesday, 13th December, for the replacement of steel girders on bridge number 420 along with the PSC slab between Maroli-Sachin yard of the Valsad-Surat section.

Multiple trains on the Western Railway will experience rescheduling and regulation due to the necessary adjustments for this operation.

Senior officers from Western Railway have provided details that a total of 12 trains will either be regulated or rescheduled on December 12.

The Dadar-Porbandar Saurashtra Express is anticipated to be regulated by 30 minutes on December 13.

Among the rescheduled trains are train no. 22195 Virangana Laxmibai Jhansi – Bandra Terminus SF Express (commencing on December 11, 2023), facing a delay of 4.00 hours.

The train no. 20968 Porbandar-Secunderabad SF Express (commencing on December 12, 2023) will experience a 3.00-hour rescheduling.

The train no. 19016 Porbandar-Dadar Saurashtra Express (commencing on December 11, 2023) is set to be rescheduled by 2.30 hours.

Other affected train services include the train no. 09567 Tuticorin-Okha Vivek Express (commenced on December 10, 2023), the train no. 04126 Bandra Terminus-Subedarganj Special (commencing on December 12, 2023), and the train no. 14805 Yasvantpur-Barmer AC Express (commencing on December 11, 2023). These trains have been rescheduled by an hour.

Further, some trains will be regulated, which are as follows:
Date 12/12/23

-Tr no. 12925 (MMCT-ASR) by 00:40hrs
-Tr no. 12216 (BDTS-DEE) by 00:40hrs
-Tr no. 12217 (KCVL-CDG) by 00:40hrs
-Tr no. 19015 (DDR-PBR) by 01:40hrs
-Tr no. 12965 (BDTS-BHUJ) by 00:30hrs
-Tr no. 12480 (BDTS-JU) by 00:20hrs
-Tr no. 2263 (PUNE-NZM) by 00:15hrs
-Tr no. 12911 (BL-HW) by 00:25hrs

Date 13/12/23
-Tr no.19015 (DDR-PBR) by 00:30hrs
-Tr no. 12216 (BDTS-DEE) by 00:10hrs
-Tr no. 09075 (MMCT-KGM) by 00:15hrs