9 trains to shift to Sabarmati and Gandhinagar stations amid Kalupur station redevelopment

Sabarmati: Due to the ongoing redevelopment projects at Ahmedabad railway station, several trains, including Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani Express, Ahmedabad-Lucknow Express, Ahmedabad-Varanasi Express, Ahmedabad-Gorakhpur Express, Ahmedabad-Sultanpur Express, and Ahmedabad-Mata Vaishnodevi Katra Express, will now operate from Sabarmati station. Additionally, Ahmedabad-Veraval Superfast Express, Ahmedabad-Jammutavi Express, and Ahmedabad-Veraval Express will now depart from Gandhinagar Capital Station.

Starting from March 15, these trains will be relocated in phases. Trains departing from Gandhinagar Capital Station will no longer stop at Ahmedabad or Sabarmati stations but will run via Chandlodia. Passengers wishing to travel on these trains can also board the train from Chandlodia.

Currently, more than 200 trains operate at Kalupur railway station, and over 100 goods trains pass through Ahmedabad station during the day. Due to this congestion, Ahmedabad station has to halt many passenger trains in the yard. Sabarmati and Gandhinagar railway stations are being developed as terminals to alleviate the load on Kalupur station. With the redevelopment of Ahmedabad station, trains from Ahmedabad to Saurashtra and North India will operate from Sabarmati and Gandhinagar capital stations. This change will also result in the modification of the trains’ names; for example, the Ahmedabad-New Delhi Rajdhani Express will now be called the Sabarmati-New Delhi Rajdhani Express.

Here is the list of trains being reallocated:

Train Number Route Departure Date Departure Time
12957 Sabarmati to New Delhi Rajdhani Express April 7 7:05 pm
19401 Sabarmati to Lucknow Express April 1 10:05 am
19407 Sabarmati to Varanasi Express March 28 10:00 pm
19409 Sabarmati to Gorakhpur Express March 28 10:05 am
20939 Sabarmati to Sultanpur Express March 26 8:20 am
19415 Sabarmati to Mata Vaishnodevi Katra Express March 31 8:45 pm
22957 Gandhinagar to Veraval Superfast Express April 2 9:55 pm
19223 Gandhinagar to Jammutavi Express April 2 11:20 am
19119 Gandhinagar to Veraval Express March 16 10:35 am

The maintenance of trains from these stations will also shift to these locations instead of Ahmedabad, leading to an increase in maintenance facilities, including pit lines, at Sabarmati and Gandhinagar. DeshGujarat