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Pay full salary, allowances to ‘fixed-wage’ employees: Gujarat High Court to state government

Ahmedabad, 12 April 2012

The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday directed the state government to pay total wages as per the recommendations of the sixth pay commission to the ‘fixed pay workers.’

Total pay includes basic pay, dearness allowances and other allowances.

Earlier the High Court ordered same for the employees on contract, but the order was silent on ‘fixed pay employees’ working in the government.

The court order is likely to add burden fo Rs 3900 crore on the state exchequer, including Rs 2500 crore as arrears and Rs 1400 crore per year.

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  1. Sandeep Makwana says:

    Har hath shakti Har hath tarkki..

  2. shashikant says:

    have nvi date 26/8/2014 chhe aapko kai nhi thayi

  3. Rits says:

    next date is- 26/08/14,
    after 4 mnth.

    26/08/15 avi jase pn kai nhi thay.
    tema vali Jo modi ji PM banse to 26/08/16 avi jase to pn kai nhi thay.

    frds, 5 yrs pura krva sivay bijo koi rasto nthi.

  4. hummmm says:

    mar dala re in Fakiro ne!

  5. jayendrasinh zala says:

    Amara case ni new date 8/7/2014

  6. arya says:

    zala saheb kai thase khru apda case nu?

  7. Rits says:

    modi sarkar na Raaj ma nokari ni koi salamati nthi.
    finance dep. Anu taju udaharan. 500 karmchariyo ne 6uta karya. 1.5 yrs p6i.

  8. R.G. says:

    Modi ji Jo PM banse to supreme court nu pn nhi chalva de. fix pay no chukado pn modi ji kahese te rite jj avse.

  9. patel says:

    have to bhagvan malik che.

  10. arya says:

    su thyu aje kai positive answer avyo k nai? k dar vakhat na jem tarikh j mdi?

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