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New Tatkal ticket booking rules (updated)

By DeshGujarat News, Ahmedabad, 29 June 2012

Under direction of Divisional Railway Manager, Ahmedabad Shri Rakesh Behal, a new system for issuance of Tatkal ticket has been implemented to prevent misuse of existing system. Following are the guidelines issued under the new system:

(1) Do purchase your Tatkal ticket yourself only if possible. It is advisable.

(2) If on your behalf, someone else is going to purchase your Tatkal ticket then following rules are strictly to be followed.

A. A person visiting ticket window for your Tatkal ticket must have your authority later.

B. Not only your signature, but signature of a person who visits the window to purchase your Tatkal ticket is compulsory from now on reservation form.

C. Your self attested identity card will have to be submitted at ticket counter.

D. A person who visits the window to purchase your Tatkal ticket will need to submit photo copy of his/her identity proof too.

(3) If any of above term is violated, Tatkal ticket will not be issued.

(4) These new rules are announced to prevent misuse of the system by agents.

(5) On same day if any person books not his own but another person’s Tatkal ticket, it will be taken as commercial activity and Tatkal ticket will not be issued.

More changes from 10 July

Concerned over large-scale complaints in the sale of Tatkal (emergency travel) tickets, the railways Friday announced changes in the procedure and timing of their sale.

It was decided that from July 10, the booking of tickets will start at 10 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. at present.

From July 10, reservation of tatkal tickets will start from 10 am instead of 8 am and no authorised agents will be allowed to book them during the first two hours. File Pic

The railways also decided that no authorised agents, including those of the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, will be allowed to book Tatkal tickets in the first two hours — from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, said a statement from the Railway Board.

The existing restriction on agents booking general tickets on the opening day from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. will also continue, it said.

Officials said while there was a huge passenger demand on the Tatkal system during the first few minutes after the booking counters open at 8 a.m., the role of touts has been bothering the ministry despite many steps to curb the menace.

Official statement issued by Railway ministry on new Tatkal rules

With a view to further improve the delivery of Tatkal tickets to passengers, the Ministry of Railways has decided that with effect from 10.07.2012 booking of Tatkal ticket will start at 1000 hours on the previous day of journey from train originating station instead of 0800 hours at present.

No authorised agents, including agents of IRCTC and RTSAs/RTAs will be allowed to book Tatkal tickets from 1000 hours to 1200 hours. The existing restriction of not allowing these agents booking of general tickets on the opening day from 0800 hours to 1000 hours will also continue.

Railway minister’s statement on new Tatkal booking norms

The Minister of State for Railways, Shri K. H. Muniyappa said that with the recent steep hike in the fares of the airlines, the demand and supply gap for Railway tickets have substantially increased which Railways is trying its best to reduce through various measures. Shri Muniyappa said this during his meeting of senior officers of Railways Board here today to review the progress of the steps taken to combat some cases of black marketing and purchase of railway tickets by touts. Member Traffic, Railway Board, Managing Director, IRCTC, Additional Member (Commercial) and other senior officers of Railway Board were present at the meeting.

Shri Muniyappa said that that the Indian Railways have been regularly monitoring the activities of the agents, touts and other individuals carrying out such activities and strict action has been initiated. The Minister said that every day on an average of around 15 lakh Railway tickets are being sold through 8838 passenger reservation ticket counters and the e-ticketing website through IRCTC, out of which the Tatkal tickets constitutes around 1.70 lakh.

Shri Muniyappa said that the Railways had introduced the Tatkal scheme to facilitate the bonafide passengers to travel by train at short notice. However, there are some reports of this facility being misused by some persons for pecuniary and personal gains, thereby defeating the very purpose of the scheme.

The Minister further said that some of the major problems being faced by the Railways are large scale sale of tickets within a short period in the counters, deployment of proxies to procure tickets at counters etc. To prevent misuse of the facility, Railways have taken steps like debarring the agents to book tickets during the first two hours, installation of CCTVs in all major booking centres to monitor the movement of touts, non issuance of duplicate in lieu of the lost Tatkal tickets and non-refund on cancellation of unused Tatkal tickets. The requirement of indicating Mobile number of the passenger in the application form is also being insisted to cross verify the genuineness of the passenger. Besides these measures, attaching the photo copy of identity proof of passenger has been made mandatory for booking of Tatkal tickets and carrying of ID card have also been made compulsory for all passengers of AC classes.

In addition, it has further been decided to change the time of booking of Tatkal tickets at the counters from existing 8.00 A.M. to 10.00 A.M. with effect from 10th July, 2012 to avoid congestion in the morning hours at counters for the normal advance booking passengers. The restriction on the agents for Tatkal tickets booking during the first two hours shall also continue. The Minister said that these steps have started yielding results.

The Minister also said that surprise inspections and preventive checks are being conducted regularly at reservation centres to contain the activities of the unauthorized agents and touts. These checks are intensified during peak/rush period and festival seasons. The department has carried out around 82,000; 61,000; and 65,000 surprise checks during 2009-10 to 2011-12, said the Minister. Against these surprise checks, around 4200 touts were apprehended and an amount of around Rs. 63,68,000/- were realized as fine and around 2000 persons were convicted. The connivance of around 170 Railway officers were also found during the above surprise checks against whom departmental actions were initiated which resulted in imposing of various penalties upon 102 officials including major penalties like removal, reversion from service etc.

The Minister said that IRCTC, a public sector undertaking of the Ministry of Railways which handles ticketing website, has also taken several steps to prevent touts and unauthorized agents from their illegal activities. Several technological innovations like increase in the bandwidth of internet, augmenting E-Ticketing software licences, technical evaluation of mobile based technology etc. are regularly being undertaken to cope up the demand and minimize the misuse of the system by unscrupulous people, added the Minister.

The Minister informed that the Ministry of Railways has also initiated steps to augment e-ticket handling capacity of its website through short term and long term measures. Due to these steps, the present capacity will increase from existing about 3.5 lakh bookings to around 5 lakh bookings per day in about four months period in the short term which will further be increased to about 8 lakh bookings per day in the long term plan. He informed that both IRCTC and CRIS are working jointly in this direction.

Shri Muniyappa said that wide publicity is being given at regular basis both through the print and electronic media appealing the general public to purchase ticket only from authorized sources so as to prevent prosecution and penalty. He appealed to the general public to co-operate with the Railways to make the system work successfully.

Railway’s statement on 10th July

The Ministry of Railways has further streamlined the delivery of tickets under Tatkal Scheme and the new amendment in the scheme will come into effect from tomorrow i.e. 10th July 2012 (Tuesday). Under the new amendment the booking of Tatkal tickets will start at 10.00 hours on the previous day of journey from train originating station instead of 0800 hours at present. For example, if a train is to depart from the originating station on the 2nd of the month, the Tatkal quota booking both through Internet (IRCTC Website) and reservation counters for that particular train shall open at 1000 hours on the 1st of the month. In addition, it has also been decided that no authorised agents, including agents of IRCTC and RTSAs/RTAs will be allowed to book Tatkal tickets from 1000 hours to 1200 hours from counters as well as from Internet.

At the Zonal Railway and the Divisional Railway level, the local Railway administration is also making arrangements at the reservation counters for orderly implementation of the amendment in the scheme like segregation of Tatkal buyers through separate queues, separate counters etc. as per the local requirement and feasibility. The travelling public is being informed about the new arrangements through Press Releases, Press Advertisements, Announcements and Notice Boards. Moreover, installation of CCTVs in all major booking centres to monitor any unusual activities, inspection of the reservation centres by the senior officers, display of helpline numbers for complaints, raids by the vigilance squads are some of the measures being taken to prevent misuse of Tatkal facility. The requirement of indicating Mobile number of the passenger in the application form is also being insisted to cross verify the genuineness of the passenger.

These new measures are in addition to the previously taken measures to revamp Tatkal system from November 2011. In November 2011, the following measures were introduced to reduce/minimize the possibility of booking of tickets by touts/miscreants and which are still continuing:

1. Advance Reservation Period of Tatkal scheme was reduced from two days excluding the day of journey to one day excluding the day of journey.

2. Refunds are not granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets except in case of special circumstances like late running of train by more than three hours, cancellation of trains etc.

3. Duplicate Tatkal tickets are not issued under normal circumstances. In exceptional cases Duplicate Tatkal tickets can be issued on payment of full fare including Tatkal charges.

4. Tatkal tickets are issued only on production of self attested photocopy of one of the 9 prescribed proofs of Identity mentioned in the scheme, at the computerised Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter. While booking e-ticket, the passenger has to indicate the number of identity card in the system. The passenger is required to carry the same proof of Identity during the journey.

5. A restriction of booking of a maximum of four passengers per PNR on Tatkal ticket has been imposed.

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a Public Sector Undertaking of Ministry of Railways which manages Railways e-ticketing website namely www.irctc.co.in has also implemented following additional steps to streamline Tatkal ticket bookings:

1. High capacity Database servers have been installed.

2. Internet Bandwidth has been increased from 344 mbps to 450 mbps

3. Single user registration on one e-mail ID with email verification has been implemented.

4. Mobile validation of users and single user registration on one mobile number has been implemented.

5. Web service agents have been permitted to book only one Tatkal ticket per train per day on internet after 12.00 A.M.

6. Individual users are permitted to book only two tickets between 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M.

7. Only two tickets can be booked per IP address between 10-12 AM. IP address check has helped in preventing multiple bookings from same office complex/internet café etc. This also helps in facilitating bookings by genuine users and prevents bookings for commercial gains.

8. Single session per user ID check has been implemented. With this step, a user on irctc.co.in will be able to open his account for booking of e-tickets only once. Multiple sessions with single user ID cannot be opened thereby enabling maximum users to access website and reduce congestion.

9. Captcha has been put and strengthened for booking in the ‘Plan My Travel’ to check fraudulent booking through automation software.
(CAPTCHAs is a technology used in attempts to prevent automated software from performing actions which degrade the quality of service of a given system)

10. Quick Book Option and Cash Cards option has been stopped between 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M.

11. An IT-Anti Fraud Squad has been created at Internet Ticketing Centre to detect cases of fraud and fraudulent activity and also for constant cyberspace surveillance to detect possible threats to the system.

12. Upon receipt of complaint against the sub-agent, the user –id is deactivated and the sub-agent is black-listed. The details of the black-listed agent are put on the IRCTC website. All the Principal Agents have been instructed not to take on such black-listed agents.

13. For any complaint, against the e-ticket agents, one may contact agentcomplaint@irctc.co.in (011-23745962) or care@irctc.co.in (011-39340000)

14. The Ministry of Railways has also initiated steps to augment e-ticket handling capacity of its website through short term and long term measures. Both IRCTC and CRIS are working jointly in this direction. Due to these steps, the present e-ticket capacity will increase from existing about 3.5 lakh bookings to around 5 lakh bookings per day in about four months period in the short term which will further be increased to about 8 lakh bookings per day in the long term plan.

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  1. Amol PF says:

    Is this happening India wide? It is a great start and will help consumers a lot.

    • PRAMOD JAIN says:

      good news for railway counter booking agent .if the working person want tatkal ticket then either he have to take half day holiday or take tatkal ticket or contact to agent. as he have to reach his working place before 10 am . [ TIME CHANGE IS NOT THE OPTION ]
      A person visiting ticket window for your Tatkal ticket must have your authority later.

      B. Not only your signature, but signature of a person who visits the window to purchase your Tatkal ticket is compulsory from now on reservation form.

      C. Your self attested identity card will have to be submitted at ticket counter.

      D. A person who visits the window to purchase your Tatkal ticket will need to submit photo copy of his/her identity proof too.



    • kushagra says:

      please tell me can i take the photocopy of window ticket in indian railways as i cant access the original ticket due to geographical distances….
      maa chudao bhosdi walo

  2. slash root says:

    #5 contradicts the above 4 points… wouldn’t the person booking a ticket for me carrying all the attested and signed forms and aurhority letter be booking a ticket for me and not himself? Well then what is the point of doing all this if the ticket would be treated invalid?

    Secondly, please check the spelling of “letter” it Is spelled incorrectly.

    Thirdly, in #2C … shouldn’t it be a photocopy of self attested ID card rather than the ID card it self… and how can a person a person attest the ID card… they can attest the copy but the cars itself.

  3. Gangesh gunjan mishra says:

    All these new rules are not going to work. Restrictions for agents on logging to irctc btwn 10 to 12 is bullshit logic. What they have got by restriting them btwn 8 to 9am? Only tight security at counters by honest police can help. But where they will find honest police?? One possible solution can be in my openion will be:- In tatkal tkt, the guy who is producing id card should sign a form at counter while getting tatkak tkt and the same signed paper should be sent to TICKET CHECKER and in train while checking ticket the TTE should get sign from that guy whose id was shown at the time of booking and match the sign. If matching then well & gud otherwise tkt should be treated as fake.

    • mukesh says:

      tatkal tickets can be booked for any where and that too from anywhere now how the same signed id could reach to the TTE , so buddy that will not work

  4. Phool Kumar Sheoran says:

    I am fully agee with Mr. Gangesh gunjan mishra.

  5. Dilip says:

    HI Ganesh Gunjan,
    I am agree with you at few points. But as you specify about the signature what about a person if he will go and book tickets for his family member or senior citizen of his family member. This rule will be failed.
    If railways seriously want to catch the agents then they can catch them using CCTV camera.
    If a person is coming to the window frequently (like 2-3 time in a week) then catch him and check the tickets booked by him in last month.

  6. priyaranjan saha(Mr.) says:

    Sr. Citizens above 60 yrs. and Sr. ladiesabove 50 yrs. should be given priority by giving reserved accommodation as well as concession for tatkal tickets for lower berth quota. They are now seriously exploted by Railways by not allowing them a separate counter for purchase of tickets for them

  7. I believe Railway should put CCTV camera in the booking counter, though it will cost a lot but anyway Railway is earning huge amount from Ticket Cancellation itself (17 crore in a year). Even CCTV camera can be broken by anyone and they can give excuse of saying its not working and blah blah!!!
    Bullshit our Indian corrupt system.

  8. sath says:

    if Indian railway government shall close the personnel IRCTC tatkal ticket for two hours from 10-7-2012 then shall feel bad a computer educated personnel. In Computer, we can see to world but Indian personnel cannot book a railway ticket from computer internet. it is a bad for Indian educated personnel.

  9. vikas says:

    One possible solution is to add SMS based token solution. Procedure may be following:-
    1. At particular time period (Probably by evening) person will have to send request SMS for token (request may contain booking counter short ID where passenger planning to take ticket). (Require to think about who don’t have mobile)
    2. Server automatically will assign and send token ID to mobile.
    3. Next day people will stand in queue by token number. (Naturally police require to manage this).
    4. When person asked for ticket as railway already have his/her mobile number so window person can ask to ring on a particular number to verify passenger number.
    5. If number matches then issue the ticket, naturally no will like to give his mobile/SIM to agent just for a ticket :)

  10. parth says:


    I have booked tatkal e-ticket today for my parents(Mother and Father).
    There i have provided only my father’s Pan-Card number as id proof.
    Though i have provided all the required details of my mother i haven’t provided Id proof there.

    Will it be ok that i have booked an e-ticket for two number of person with only one ID provided?

    Please give your suggestions

  11. kandel T. says:

    Me and lots of people travelling to and from Delhi have been suffering from Yatrika Tourist Cemter, 109, Amrit Kaur Market, Pahar Gang , opposite of New Delhi Railway Station, tel.91 11 23561345, mob.9891820456, 9312318750 due to cheating and false ticket. They said they are agent of railway. They can provide any ticket for any time because of their link to railway officer. I travell

  12. kandel T. says:

    they are mainly cheating for innocent people. At first they gurantee of confirm ticket and take advance from as much as possible and later they provide duplicate ticket charging high commission. Once the client gives advance they treat him badly and showing muscle power and shout. We are one of the victim & I think there are lots. Now I am in train suffering from their false ticket. Their name are Manoj, Raja & Baba. Action is requested.

  13. Prasath says:

    i booked two tickets in tatkal with my id proof…since im not able to go..is it possible that my friend can travel on that train ?? pls reply me as soon as possible..

  14. sumit says:

    seems fine…but still iwasnt able to book ticket..i couldnt even open the site…

  15. sanjeev says:

    all rules are rules. whenever u need tatkal ticket irctc web site never opens. and after ending ticket only web site will reopen. so there is no need to justify. bakwas rule

  16. hcg drops says:

    Good reading. My thanks for posting this. I will return to your site to find out more and tell my neighbors about your site, hcg.

  17. bheemudu says:

    we are 9 aults and 5 children then how will get e tickets in tatkal
    any posiblility on one eticket .we have to go day after tommorow.
    pls tell me sir

  18. V N Acharya says:

    I would like to know basic thing that when I can book tatkal e-ticket on line from IRCTC( Not Agent but individual ticket). Suppose a train start at 1400 hrs on Friday and reach at boarding station on Saturday at 0600 hrs.On which day and what time I will be eligible to book e-ticket from my IRCTC account. You are requested for providing information kindly

    Thank you
    V N Acharya
    23 Jan 2013

  19. Krishna Kishore says:


    i need a help from any one of you guys.

    i am in X Location, My father is in Y Location. If i book Tatkal ticket in the irctc counter, How can i send the booked tatkal ticket to my father other than courier.

    can i send it through scan copy to his mail is? is it possible. if no give me the alternate way.

    Krishna Kishore

    • S k de says:

      I went to book tatkal ticket on 18.03.13&19. 3.13 at chennai central station.i had to wait at the ground floor beside the stairs . 1 st & 2 nd day my sl no was 70&39respectively among waiting persons. There were 10 booking counter . 1 st day a lady &2 nd day another man were engaged to put the sl no on the reservation form along with counter no . I could not understand how my sl no came to 13& 8 instead of 7&4. Because there was 10 counter. In presence of RPF the miracle is going on everyday. Being despaired i returned without getting a ticket. I think any system could not stop the corruption until and unless the RPF & the officials are refren from this type of corrupt practice.Does the authority inquire into the case & take any action to give some relif the passengers who compelled to wait day to day and lined up since midnight? Agent raj is still going on with the help of the RPF & Staff.

  20. praveen says:

    my name is praveen
    i am planing to journey nizamabad to tirupathi in 5th june 2013
    can i take to tatkal tickets on this date ?
    because that day reservations are waiting list in there.
    please give suggestion to me what i do

  21. kuldeep jadeja says:

    we can book ticket from anywhere to anywhere

  22. akhlesh mathur says:

    weather senior citizen disconnt not allow on tatkal ticket?

  23. Sindhuja says:


    I booked one tatkal ticket for my friend yesterday. and for some reasons i cancelled that ticket, later i came to know that refund is not possible in tatkal ticket. here i want to know…is it possible to travel with a cancelled tatkal ticket, coz we paid the money right.. can anyone reply as asap..

  24. Suhas says:

    I have booked the tatkal ticket with id proof providing as my driving licence and unfortunately i forgot to carry the same id proof while traveling. it is mandatory to produce same id proof to TC or i can show other id proof like pan card, adhar card, or voting card. your reply will be appreciable.

    Thank you

  25. Subramanian says:

    My wife purchased a tatkal ticket from Palakad (PGT) to Hderabad(HYB) thru IRCTC E ticket and wanted to board at Salem. When asked the Chief Reservation Officer 24 hrs before at Salem he refused to give permission. She has to goto Palghat all the way and boarded the train. What is the Railway rule for changing the board station for tatkal e ticket?? Can we board the train at next station like any reserved tickets??

  26. josh says:

    I was supposed to travel in connecting trains one from GAYA-JAIPUR( Departure 13:05 pm on 18th october & arrival 06:30AM on 19th october 2013) and then change the train to travel from JAIPUR TO AHMEDABAD (Departure 08:45AM on 19TH ocotober Arrival 22:05PM on 19th october 2013)

    but my first train got late by 3 hours due to which i cannot catch the second train as i will be reaching by 10am whereas the second train leaves at 8:45 so will miss it.

    So will i get refund if i cancel the CONFIRMED TATKAL TICKET for the second train? (from jaipur -ahmedabad
    Please kindly do reply

  27. sanjay kumar says:

    Are passenger himself is eligible to take tatkal e tiket in between time 10 a.m to 12 a.m on previous day.

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