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Narendra Modi inaugurates the two-day national conference on panchayati raj(Video)

Gandhinagar, 17 August 2013

Chief Minister Narendra Modi while inaugurating a two-day National Conference on Panchayati Raj and Rural Development called upon the countrymen to link the development with empowering of rural India and strengths of the villages. In his inaugural address Mr. Modi gave details about how the different development initiatives could be launched at the village level using the medium of Panchayati Raj.

The two-day national conference organized by the Gujarat’s Panchayat, Rural Housing & Rural Development Department is convened at an important period of time when the state is observing the Golden Jubilee of Panchayati Raj in Gujarat. The conference will have 5,900 participants from the different sectors of rural development, Panchayati Raj and other officials witnessing five technical sessions and 20 group discussions. While 32 experts from different subject areas will present and discuss papers on different themes during the conference.

Barring the participants from Gujarat, there are around 3,400 participants who have come from different states of the country, which also include 1,860 women representatives. At the conference Mr. Modi also unveiled three books and e-book editions of; Gram Vikas Se Desh Vikas – Gujarat Ke Anubhav, Mission Mangalam Antargat Gram Mahilana Aarthik Sashaktikaranni Saafalygaatha – Anokhi Pahel and Mahila Sashaktikaran, all three published by the Information Department.

Also Mr. Modi felicitated representatives who have taken initiatives and contributed remarkably in the field of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development.

Chief minister Mr. Mod said, “This conference gives a vivid glimpse of semi rural India here and am sure it will serve as a platform for the different states to take a lead and demonstrate on how the Panchayati Raj could be put to use for the all-round development of villages of this country and improve the overall living standards.” Referring to Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Gram Swaraj, Mr. Modi said, “It will be quite fulfilling of those 7 lakh development-longing villages of this country if 80 crore villages forces multiply their efforts and become partners in the decision making processes.”

Giving details on the construction of conference venue – Mahatma Mandir that has used waters from all the rivers of country, Mr. Modi expressed how Gujarat plans to make power of farmers be part of a unique project where it will build a Statute of Unity – statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel at the Narmada Dam site, which will used old iron agriculture equipment pieces collected from peasants in 7 lakh villages across the country for building the statue.

Making the villages self-reliant Gujarat has tried to realize the dream of Mahatma Gandhi’s Gram Swaraj. It has attempted to develop market for local produces from these villages. In the tribal belt of east Gujarat, it has empowered the locals with funds to spend and plan their own development projects under theme of new-pattern Gujarat. Among this, Tribal Planning Board and District & Taluka Planning Committees have achieved fruitful results. Schemes like Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana spending over Rs 40,000 crore for tribal development has improved the living standard while Rs 21,000 crore earmarked for Sagarkhedu Vikas Yojana for the fishermen on the costal belt is progressing at fast pace.

Mr. Modi said using harnessing local strengths and making people partners in the development of villages is fundamental to Gramsabha and that of the democracy. Mr. Modi said, “Despite being mentioned in country’s Constitution, the Gramsabha was hardly given its due importance. However from October 2001 Gujarat government has made the Gramsabha’s approach lively and they are proving decisive in decision making and solution for their issues.”

Mr. Modi said, “To do away with untoward effects election-connected bloodiness, Gujarat has started Samaras Gram Yojana and 362 village panchayats have women heads. And they have taken inspirational leads in resolving issues ranging from sanitation, poverty reduction, improve literacy and others which improves standard of life in villages. They have right understanding of all this.”

Gujarat chief minister Mr. Modi said, “Gujarat has taken lead role in establishing animal hostel and scientific management of it. Here too women play important role in taking the animal husbandry related economic activities to a new level. No matter how large budget is, desired results will not be yielded if leadership is incompetent.” Mr. Modi also said how 24 hour broad-band connectivity in Panchayats and 24 hour power supply has benefited the economic, educational and agricultural aspects of villages. Giving almost city like facilities and amenities will not only give new lease of life to villages in terms of economic activities but it will also reduce the migration to urban areas, Mr. Modi said.

Mr. Modi said government has successfully connected the farmers and villagers using different IT technologies and networks, which has resolved large scale issues bringing almost everything on-line. Gokul Gram is one of such successful example which has shown ways of integrating structural development of villages.

Mr. Modi said, “Country has 7 lakh villages with 80 crore of people living in it. In last ten years Gujarat has taken many initiatives to ensure villager’s participation in development and empowerment of Panchayati Raj. It is imperative that villages become centres of economic activities and production, and offer a leadership for all-round development of villages.”

Gujarat Chief Minister honours Village Sarpanches Who Excelled In Extending Rural Development

Chief minister Narendra Modi today while inaugurating two-day national conference on Panchayati Raj and Rural Development in Gandhinagar felicitated many sarpanches (village-heads) who have excelled in their service of offering rural development avenues to their respective villages from the across the country.

Shri. Ramsingh Madia Damor of Rajasthan’s Gokhara village was honoured for his best services in transmission of irrigation. Shri. Bhavsinh Ramsinh Devda was felicitated for his services in the schemes of rural development while woman village head of Kusla Smt. Sunderben was felicitated for taking on the bootlegger of her village and making it liquor-free.

Moreover, chief minister Mr. Modi honoured District Panchayat president of Vaishali district of Bihar Shri. Jitendrasinh for his services to the poor while Madhya Pradesh’s Shri. Ram Deva of Ted village was honored for implementation of different schemes.

For Gujarat, chief minister Mr. Modi honored sarpanches for taking part in innovative project of seed money scheme, which has been made part of State’s Swarnim year celebration.

Shri. Bhaveshbhai Nagindas Patel of Baben village in Bardoli taluka was honoured for implementation of Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana while Smt. Mayuriben Hiteshbhai Patel of Kwas Village of Choryasi taluka was feted for her contribution for Sagar Khedu Vikas Yojana.

Shri Gulam Abbas Bhatt of Vijaynagar taluka from Sabarkantha, Shri. Himanshubhai Narendrabhai Patel of Punsri from Talod Taluka, Smt. Bhagwatiben K. Patel of Anandpura village, Taluka Vijapura, Dist. Mehsana, were also honored during this conference.

Delegations, experts from various states held one-to-one meet with Guj CM

Representatives of different fields who came to take part in National Conference on Rural Development at Gandhinagar today had discussions and one-to-one meet with the Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The delegations coming from 35 regions of India had in-person meet with the Chief Minister after the conclusion of initial session of the conference and showed keenness in knowing about various aspects of Gujarat’s successful model of panchayati raj and rural development and Mr.Modi’s views on the empowerment of India. Chief Secretary Varesh Sinha, Principal Secretary to Finance Ms. S. Aparna, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Girishchandra Murmu was also present on the occasion.

The representatives also include the experts from different fields, office bearers of panchayati raj institutions, senior secretaries, bankers, educationalists, scientists, founders of voluntary service organizations and the members of sakhimandals and self-help groups. They all were of the view that Gujarat, which is celebrating golden jubilee of panchayati raj, has earned proud in the field of rural development through its unique moves and achievements in this direction.

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