Controversy over Amit shah’s Chatur Vaniya remark a sheer wastage of energy and time: Morari Bapu

Ahmedabad: Terming the controversy over the recent remarks of BJP president Amit Shah calling Mahatma Gandhi a ‘Chatur Vaniya’ (a clever member of Vaniya community) as ‘wastage of time and energy’, renowned saint and Ram Katha reciter Morari Bapu today said that there was nothing wrong in saying so as Gandhiji himself had described him as a Vaniya on many occasions.

He said that Gandhiji had himself described him as a Vaniya in his autobiography and elsewhere.

Addressing a Ram Katha event in Panchgani of neighbouring, Maharashtra, Bapu, who was equally popular among Congress and Aam Admi Party leaders, said,’ a leader (without directly naming Shah) has called Gandhiji a Chatur Vaniya and it has raised controversy which was sheer wastage of energy. I don’t see anything wrong in it as Bapu (Gandhiji) himself used to describe him as a Vaniya. In one such instance he had written in his autobiography that his Vaniya community got aggrieved on his foreign trip.’

‘Not only this even his wife Kasturba also used to call him a Vaniya fondly,’ the saint said.

Notably, Shah recently during an event had said that Gandhji was a Chatur Vaniya who had foreseen the future of Congress and suggest it to be disbanded after the freedom of the country.


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