First cabinet meeting of Rupani government postponed today owing to absence of CM to take place tomorrow


The first cabinet meeting of the Vijay Rupani government which was to take place today but was postponed in the wake of CM Rupani’s going to Shimla to participate in the swearing-in ceremony of BJP government of Himachal Pradesh, will now take place here tomorrow.

An official said that the distribution of portfolios to the newly inducted ministers would also be finalized by late this evening or tomorrow.

Rupani had taken oath of office and secrecy along with deputy CM Nitin Patel and 8 cabinet rank and 10 state level ministers for his second consecutive term yesterday.

An official today said that the first meeting of the cabinet to kick start the formal business of the new government would now take place at Swarnim Sankul here tomorrow.

The newly inducted cabinet ministers have been informed about it. It was customary to convene the first cabinet meeting on the day of the oath or the next day but owing to the absence of the CM, it is taking place two days after the oath.


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