Five Trendsetting Web Designs in 2022

Being available online has become a requirement for a successful business. With people’s online presence and social media growing, businesses need to stay relevant to their client base. That means keeping up with the latest web design trends to ensure their existing customers stay with them.

Well optimised websites generally tend to have better SERP rankings versus websites that are not well optimised.

Web Elements

A modern website design catches the attention of new customers and makes you relevant in your applicable market. The design elements can differ depending on the purpose of the website. For example, an Indian cricket blog will use different design elements than a corporate business website – and, generally, be a lot more fun.

No matter what appearance you’re looking for, there are some crucial web elements you always must have. The first is easy navigation, whether you use a header, side navigation panel or filters. Your content should be curated to deliver relevant information to your website, and the same is said for your SEO. Having an SEO web-friendly design is crucial, and allows people to find you online more easily.

Five Trending Designs


The two main trending elements in 2022 are visual elements and interaction. The trendsetting design elements mostly focus on what the viewer sees and how it allows them to interact with the website.

Inclusive Designs

Something that has become more prevalent is using inclusive designs. This means it’s often a gender-neutral design, a design representing a large group of different people or a character that isn’t human. When a design can’t be inclusive to all the possible viewers, they often use the next trending design element.

Abstract Style

Abstract designs have started taking over the web, and it is one of the most versatile web design elements. You can use any colour and shape to adjust it to fit any brand. Geometric shapes also provide a clean, modern look that’s currently trending online.

Bold Typographic Heroes

A website hero refers to the banner often found at the top of a website. Generally, it used to be an image or graphic element/art, but more and more, bold typography is starting to take over. The text has a way of grabbing a viewer’s eye and immediately shows them the core of the website’s content.

Contrasting Colors

Colours have always been an important element in any design, and contrasting colours are making their comeback. This trend is often seen with the nostalgia trend. Contrasting colours allow the design to pop and were mostly used in the 80s and 90s. It’s a vibrant style that often grabs viewers’ attention and makes for a fun and exciting website.

Creative Scrolling

Creative scrolling is a trend that allows the viewer to interact with the website like it’s a story they’re seeing. They can use several actions and buttons to control how they experience the website, and it is a new innovative approach to website interaction.

Create a Trendy Website

It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small, whether you’re a legitimate business or creating a website for fun, web design remains an important factor. Ensure your website uses the latest trending web designs to stay relevant to your client base and attract more traffic to your website.