Patidar andolan: AMC suffers Rs 12 crore damages in public properties


Hadrik Patel led Patidar Anamat Andolan fallout caused damages worth over Rs 12 crore to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) properties in Patidar populated areas. Even library was not spared by rioters.

As per an estimate made after survey of damages 29 buses were set on fire causing loss of Rs 400 lakh. 18 buses suffered damages worth Rs 18 lakh. 4 non-AC BRTS buses were burnt causing loss worth Rs 200 lakh. 22 bus stands were attacked causing damage worth Rs 50 lakh(computer system, glass, fans, automatic doors) 100 BRTS rallying worth Rs 16 lakh were damaged. 6 BRTS cabins were torched worth Rs 25 lakh.

Model road rallying which enhances the beauty of city were damaged in about five km area causing loss of Rs 25 lakh.

Light poles damages are at Rs 40 lakh. Traffic signals, signages have suffered Rs 25 lakh loss.

3 vehicels of central workshop including a zylo, qualis and truck suffered Rs 40 lakh damages.

Other losses; hoardings(25-30) worth Rs 15 lakh, south zone zonal office gate Rs 3 lakh, community hall in Thakkarnagar area Rs 8 lakh, library in Thakkarnagar Rs 8 lakh, Super sucker machine in India Colony Rs 125 lakh, Vastral ward office/civic center and furniture Rs 25 lakh, Nikol TP 101 water distribution station Rs 1 lakh, Nikol ward office/civic center and furniture Rs 25 lakh, Ranip ward office/civic center and furniture Rs 17 lakh, Ghatlodia ward office/civic center furniture Rs 25 lakh, Gota ward office/civic center furniture Rs 25 lakh and Chandkheda ward office/civic center and furniture Rs 10 lakh damages.

Fire tender was burnt, fire man injured

AMC run fire department attended only 8 out of 31 calls during Patidar andolan unrest. This was because cops were too busy to provide protection to firemen. On Tuesday night, fire brigade team was going to Jashodanagar Mamlatdar office to do its duty when it was stopped by a mob and firefighters were attacked. A volunteer suffered head injuries. After this, the Fire officers decided to seek police protection before attending riot related calls. Whenever a call was received, police was contacted for protection cover, but when police was unavailable, the call was not attended.