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Bhuj-Naliya Broad Gauge rail line sanctioned

Bhuj-Naliya Broad Gauge rail line sanctioned
New Delhi, Press Information Beureu, 16 October, 2008

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, Government of India today gave its approval for taking up gauge conversion of Bhuj-Naliya (101.24 kms) and with extension to Vayor (24.65 kms) at a cost of Rs.318.24 crore. Out of this Rs.238.24 crore will be funded through Budgetary Support and Rs.80 crore will be given by Cement Industries in the area.

The existing Metre Gauge link Bhuj-Naliya was constructed in late 1980’s on strategic consideration. After completion of gauge conversion of Ghandidham-Bhuj Section, this MG section has become isolated and is closed for traffic at present.

Gauge conversion of Bhuj-Naliya section will tap the freight traffic of this rich mineral belt and cement industries of Kutch district of Gujarat. Besides this, conversion of this MG section into BG will also connect border areas of Gujarat with rest of the country.

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  1. Aditya MIshra says:

    But When the work will start and when it will finished

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