When Sabarkantha Collector became Singham in Mount Abu

Mount Abu, 21 August 2011

Thanks to vigilant behavior of Sabarkantha’s district Collector Jayprakash Shivhare, two boatman cheating the tourists in Mount Abu’s Nakhi lake were detained by Rajasthan’s Sirohi police.

Sirohi’s district administration has fixed the rates that boat operators can charge, however Sabarkantha district collector Jayprakash Shivhare who was in Mount Abu with his family on vacation found that he was charged more than the prescribed rates. After brief verbal argument with the boat operator, Shivhare contacted Sirohi district’s Police Chief who then directed policemen to reach the spot. Though police took prompt action and detained two boat owners Mangelal Kabra and Jayantilal Hiragar, the larger truth is that a boat operator who has been contracted by the administration for operating boats in Nakhi lake regularly charges more from the tourists due to his proximity with one minister in Rajasthan.