8 committees constituted to execute ambitious SDB project

Surat, 11 September 2014

Diamond merchants in Surat have formed 8 separate committees to execute ambitious Surat Diamond Bourse(SDB) project in three years as promised to Government of Gujarat at Khajod near Surat over 3 lakh square meter land.

Policy decisions and coordination committee: Vallabhbhai Lakhani, Sevantibhai Shah, Govind Dholakia, Laljibhai T Patel, Jitubhai Shah and Mathurbhai Savani

Constitution, agreements with members, agreements with government, other legal affairs: Sevantibhai Shah, Govind Dholakia, Vallabh Lakhani, Anil Maldar, Mayank Davaria and Rajubhai Maldar.

Government Liaison committee: Mathur Savani, Lalji T Patel, Diyalbhai Vaghani, Dharambhai Patel and Sevantibhai Shah.

Planning and Construction committee: Ashit Mehta, Vallabhbhai Lakhani, Laljibhai T Patel, Kishor Virani(Maldar), Savjibhai Dholakia, Manjibhai Dholakia, Dilip Mehta, Kishorbhai Koshia and Arvind Ajlani.

Finance Committee: Dharambhai Patel, Ashok Doshi, Vallabh Kakadia, Manubhai Davaria.

Members coordination: Chandrakant Sanghvi, Dinesh Navadia, Vasant Gajera, Vinu Nanavati, Ravjibhai Pansuria, Vallabhbhai Zadafia, Ranchhodbhai Detroja, Dhanjibhai Rakholia and Mathur Sojitra.

Audit and account checking committee: Diyalbhai Vaghani, Ramesh Godhani, Nagjibhai Sakaria, Nitin Adani and Vasant Chandulal Shah.

Spokesperson: Mathur Savani and Laljibhai T Patel.

It should be mentioned that, though a decision to hand over 3 lakh sqm land of Khajod to SDB has been taken by the state government, the measurement and other procedures on ground are yet to take place. Moreover, existing waste disposal site at Khajod has to be relocated because execution of SDB project kicks off. SDB is willing to start the work and complete the project in three years once modalities are finalized by the government. So far, the government has taken just in-principle decision.