Gujarat is, was and will remain always yours: Women to PM

Himmatnagar: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today engaged in a free wheeling and light hearted conversation with top women milk producers at Sabar Dairy Complex in Sabarkantha, Gujarat today.

PM recalled how Sabarkantha has evolved to become a top milk production hub.

The women spoke about the festive atmosphere in their village when they came to know they are going to get to meet PM.

The women highlighted how various initiatives of the government have benefited them in increasing milk production.

They spoke about how some of them have more than 100 cows now and have daily income to about 70,000 rupees.

They said that the tremendous increase in their income has made them self-reliant. They don’t need to ask their husbands for money now.

They also spoke about how they are purchasing gold when the dairy gives them a price increase.

They shared examples of how despite being educated, many young girls are choosing the field of animal husbandry due to the lucrative benefits it offers.

Women shared best practises that they are adopting for increasing milk production. They also shared examples of adoption of new technology.

They said that Gujarat has been striding ahead on the path of development in the last two decades and this has been possible only due to the proactive leadership of PM.

Recalling the work done by PM during the earthquake in Bhuj, women said they do-not like when some leaders use terms like maut ka saudagar to criticise him.

They said that Gujarat was, is and will remain with PM Modi.