Gujarat govt launches vaccination drive covering millions against 12 deadly diseases

Gandhinagar: The state health minister Rushikesh Patel informed that around 26 lakh pregnant women, children, lakhs of students from around 50 thousand schools will be safeguarded from 12 deadly diseases for lifetime through the state wide Td-10 years and Td-16 years vaccination drive.

State health minister Rushikesh Patel today inaugurated state wide Td-10 and Td-16 vaccination drive from Gurukul in sector-23 in Gandhinagar. The vaccine of tetanus and diphtheria will be given to pregnant women and the vaccine protecting from 12 diseases will be given to the children. The 12 diseases include toxic jaundice, child TB, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, disease caused by Hib bacteria such as pneumonia, brain fever, pneumococcal pneumonia, diarrhea due to rotavirus, measles, rubella.

In the first phase of the drive, the TD (diphtheria and tetanus) vaccines will be administered to the children of class 5 and class 10. The children who are left will be covered in the second phase in the mamta session. TD vaccine will be given at all the government schools.

The vaccinated students were felicitated with the Td vaccination card by the state health minister and other leaders. The handbook of Td10 and Td16 of the health department was launched. DeshGujarat