Over 2 lakh cusecs release of water from Narmada dam

Bharuch: At 11.00 pm on Sunday, August 14, the outflow from Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam in downstream area was over 1.95 lakh cusecs in river bed of Narmada in addition to over 19,000 cu secs discharge in canal.

The dam was 88.31 per cent full. The inflow from upstream areas of Madhya Pradesh was over 3 lakh cu secs. Against the full reservoir level of 138.68 meter, the level of water at 11.00 pm on August 14 was 135.14 meter.

The dam which is considered the lifeline of Gujarat, has designed capacity to store 9,460 MCM water, against which it has 8,354 MCM storage as of 11.00 pm on 14th August. 23 gates of the dam are opened in 0.95 meter size for discharge of water. The district administrations of downstream areas have alerted the people against venturing into the river bed. DeshGujarat