Pilgrims at Ambaji mandir buy 14,000 Mohanthal prasad boxes against 1600 Chiki packets

Ambaji: As the administration reintroduced selling of conventional Mohanthal prasad boxes at Ambaji mandir, alongside the newly introduced chiki prasad packets, the figures of first day show that over 14,000 packets of Mohanthal prasad were bought by pilgrims against only 1600 packets of newly introduced chiki packets.

The distribution of Mohanthal prasad was stopped at Ambaji Mata Mandir and replaced with Chiki packets, which had caused agitation by the devotees. 12 days after agitations, the administration reintroduced the Mohanthal prasad alongside the newly introduced controversial chiki prasad.

After the reintroduction of Mohanthal prasad, on the first day by 4 pm as many as 11,985 packets of Mohanthal prasad were sold against 1305 packets of chiki. By the end of the day, the final count reached sell of 14,000 Mohanthal prasad boxes against merely 1600 chiki packets. DeshGujarat