Gujarat govt inks MoU with 3 companies for proposed investment of Rs. 11,291 crore

Gandhinagar: Gujarat government today signed three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) for proposed industrial investment to the tune of Rs. 11,291 crores which according to the Government will generate employment opportunities for 10,600 persons.

The MoUs were signed today in the State capital Gandhinagar under the Atmanirbhar Gujarat Schemes for Assistance to Industries.

The 3 MoUs signed today shall pave way for Rs. 11,291 crores proposed investment and generation of employment opportunities for 10,600 persons. These MoUs are major in Pharma and Soda ash industries. Out of three, two are Indian companies while one is a Japanese company. The proposed units shall come up in Nakhatrana, Valiya, and Sanand. Earlier under the scheme, industrial firms from Germany, the U.S.A, U.K, Kuwait, and Malaysia, etc have signed MoUs.

The State government has been signing MoUs under this scheme every Monday recently. In this series, from 13 February to 27 March, a total of 59 MoUs are signed for the proposed investment of Rs. 90,665 crores, paving a way for new employment opportunities for 65,431 persons, among them, 40,000 shall be in the chemical sector while 6,000 shall be in the engineering sector and 5,000 in the renewable energy sector.