Gujarat govt to probe 51 officers allegedly involved in corruption

Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government has launched a comprehensive investigation against 51 officers who are allegedly involved in corruption.

For this major crackdown on corruption, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is focusing on officers from 13 different departments accused of amassing disproportionate assets. Among the officials under scrutiny, 16 are implicated in the “Dummy Scandal” in Bhavnagar district. The remaining 35 officials belong to various departments across the state.

Harsh Sanghavi, the Minister of State for Home Affairs, announced the probe on Tuesday evening through a tweet. He mentioned that the ACB had conducted surveillance on officials suspected of corruption with disproportionate assets and had compiled an initial list comprising 35 officials, including 4 of class I, 12 of class II, and 19 of class III officers.