GCRI reported 16,329 cancer cases in 2022 ; 43.5% linked to tobacco consumption

Ahmedabad: In 2022, the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI) recorded a total of 16,329 cancer cases, with 7,105 cases (43.5%) attributed primarily to tobacco consumption.

An analysis of these cases revealed that mouth cancer accounted for 43% of tobacco-related cancers, followed by tongue cancer at 20% and lung cancer at 12%. Experts note that Gujarat is among the states with a relatively high prevalence of tobacco-related cancers.

Dr Shashank Pandya, the director of GCRI, highlighted that May 31 is observed as World No-Tobacco Day annually. The theme for this year, “We need food, not tobacco,” emphasizes the detrimental effects of tobacco on the human body. To mark the occasion, several organizations in the city have planned awareness events and health check-up camps on Wednesday.