Valsad collector orders closure of dilapidated bridge on Vanki river due to safety concerns

Valsad: The district magistrate and collector of Valsad have released a notification ordering the closure of the minor bridge on Vanki river that connects Atakpardi and Parnerapardi villages. The bridge, which was constructed at a cost of over Rs 2.42 crore and inaugurated just 11 months ago, has been deemed unsafe and unfit for vehicular transportation according to a government investigation report.

The report suggests that corruption may have played a role in the poor quality of the bridge, as it deteriorated rapidly within a short period of time.

The previous iron bridge on Vanki river, which had been in use for 110 years, was broken. Subsequently, a new bridge was built at a cost of Rs 2.42 crore under the Mukhya Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. However, visible iron rods and cracks in the slab indicate structural issues with the bridge. Furthermore, there is a significant hole at the beginning of the bridge towards Atakpardi. A thorough inspection conducted by the Gujarat Engineering Research Institute (GERI) and the quality control department over a period of 5 days resulted in a comprehensive 30-page report, which recommended the permanent closure of the bridge.

In light of these findings, the executive engineer of the Valsad roads and building department sent a letter to the district collector proposing the immediate issuance of a notification to close the bridge for vehicular transport and establish an alternative route. DeshGujarat