Good news for those travelling from Gujarat to Nathdwara Shrinathji by road

Gandhinagar/Nathdwara: In a very good news for commuters who travel to Nathdwara Shrinathji from Gujarat, a national highway stretch bypassing Udaipur city has been completed and it is now open for traffic. A 24 km long, 6-lane greenfield bypass, has been constructed at a cost of Rs 900 crore.

The bypass provides an easier and smoother route for Shrinathji pilgrims traveling between Gujarat and Nathdwara. The new bypass diverts the traffic traveling from Jaipur to Ahmedabad, and ease the burden of traffic in Udaipur. Construction of the Udaipur bypass popularly known as Debari to Kaya bypass had started in November 2017. The initial deadline of its completion was November 2019. Due to financial issues faced by the contractor, the project has completed late.

As on today (11th November 2023) the bypass is not officially inaugurated, and therefore no toll is levied. Toll plazas are constructed but not functional so far. The highway has excellent built and offers picturesque treat while driving, especially in the stretch where the highway passes through the middle of two portions of a hill range. Those who want to skip Udaipur and directly reach Eklingji, Shrinathji or up in the North like Jaipur and Delhi need to chose this bypass. DeshGujarat