SMC plans to save Rs. 80 crore in power bills by 2025 through renewable generation

Surat: Surat Municipal Corporation(SMC) will further expand its solar and wind power generation to make saving of Rs. 80 crore over power bills. The SMC is planning to create Rs. 127 crore new sources of wind and power generation in future, of which Rs. 67 crore will be spent over solar plants and Rs. 60 crore over wind power plants. A tender process for the same is in primary stage at present.

SMC plans to generate 13 mw through solar power which means annually 2.01 crore unit power generation, which after losses realize at 1.72 crore units. This will make Rs. 10 crore saving in power bills for SMC. SMC will also spend Rs. 60 crore over wind power generation which may generate 1.98 crore unit power, of which 12 percent will go into line loss, making ultimate generation at 1.75 crore units. SMC spends Rs. 7.50 per unit at present, while renewable projects will avail power at Rs. 4.50 per unit, meaning Rs. 3 per unit saving. Both proposed project in-total will save Rs. 20 crore annually.

SMC has made a target to save Rs. 80 crore per year in power bills by 2025. SMC choses locations like Kutch, Porbandar, Rajkot etc for wind and solar power projects. SMC has at present 6 wind power plants at various locations in addition to solar projects. DeshGujarat