What was Rupala’s remark for which controversy erupted ?

Rajkot: Even after two apologies conveyed in public, one with folded hands by Rajkot Lok Sabha candidate and union Agriculture minister Parshottam Rupala, certain groups of Kshatriya community are not ready to put full-stop on the topic of Rupala’s remarks and stretching it longer amid politically charged atmosphere ahead of the Lok Sabha general elections. But what exactly Rupala had said in his remark? Did he name Kshatriya or Rajput community in his remark? What was the context and what was the exact context?

Rupala in an unscheduled programme stopped at Karsan Saghathiya’s bhajan event and spoke briefly in which he admired Rukhi people who belong to Schedule Caste (SC). Rupala while admiring Rukhi community said that even the rulers were into Roti-Beti (relation of breaking bread together and inter-faith wedding between family of rulers and Britishers) relation with British.

‘English didn’t leave any stone unturned in committing atrocities. Maharajas entered into Roti-Beti relations(relation of breaking bread together and wedding), but my Rukhi community neither got converted their faith nor they entered into relations. They faced highest kind of persecution, but they didn’t step aside(from their stand)…. They didn’t bend before their(Britishers’) swords. They didn’t break due to fear or even due to hunger. I am proud and I have great respect for their succeeding generations.’

Number of Kshatriya community leaders are upset with this remark. Rupala’s remark didn’t mention the words like Kshatriyas or Rajputs. But Rupala said something about Maharajas. There were Kshatriya and also non-Kshatriya kings in British era. However number of Kshatriya outfit leaders have opined their sentiments are hurt. Rupala’s remark if seen in context, appears more about comparing the top class (ruling class) to bottom of the society (the poor Schedule Caste people), in order to admire the resilience of bottom class against British. However certain community outfits have taken this as insult of Maharajas and therefore insults of Rajputs and Kshatriyas.

Rupala has not explained his remark or tried to justify it by giving historical facts. He has simply maintained that this remark was his mistake. Rupala has apologized twice in public forum for this remark.

Community members have burnt Rupala in effigies, submitted memorandums and threatened a large public meeting if BJP doesn’t withdraw Rupala as candidate. Some community leaders have demanded Rupala’s sanyas from politics over this. DeshGujarat