BJP rebuts three speculative news stories in Gujarat

Gandhinagar: Three speculative news stories aired on Gujarati news channels were refuted by ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today, 24 hours after they were put in circulation.

The local media had yesterday linked a fight over pending payment of solar panel installation between two persons to groupism in BJP and termed it as infighting within the party over selection of Lok Sabha candidate. However a person involved in a video yesterday stated clearly that the dispute was over a solar panel installation payment. Today, BJP leader Hakubha Jadeja formally clarified that the incident had nothing to do with selection of candidate or any political affair.

The local media had since yesterday also did stories that Rajkot seat Lok Sabha candidate Parshottam Rupala has been summoned by party high-command in national capital Delhi today. However Rupala was seen attending party meeting at party office in Rajkot. He later addressed the media persons on their request and clarified he was not asked to visit Delhi by party high-command, and he is in Rajkot only. When asked about the other date, he said he would go to Ahmedabad that day, but if there’s cabinet meeting in the Centre, he may go there.

The local media had since the morning today had started broadcasting news that party has decided to change Rupala as candidate and sitting MP Mohan Kundariya would replace him as a candidate. The city BJP spokesperson clarified before media repeatedly that there’s no such move and Rupala remains party candidate. Later Rupala came to media and clarified that it was decided from day one that Mohanbhai Kundariya would be dummy candidate of party for Rajkot seat (till the last day of withdrawal of candidature as per standard practice), and as per that decision, Mohanbhai is preparing to file a nomination as dummy. DeshGujarat