38 ponds in Deesa receive Narmada water for the first time

Banaskantha: Deesa taluka has received Narmada water for the first time. Under the Sujalam Sufalam Yojana of the Gujarat Government, 38 ponds in Deesa taluka received Narmada water from the Tharad Sipu Reservoir Pipeline Project.

In many villages of Disa taluka, the water table has reached very low levels, posing a significant problem for irrigation. However, today, the farmers rejoiced as the water was pumped into the ponds in the areas. People welcomed the Narmada water with flowers, kumkum, and akshat (rice). Local MLA Praveen Mali was also present at the location. He expressed hope that this area would become greener in the future.


Regarding the scheme, Mali said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated a plan to pump water from the Narmada canal to Sipu Dam through the Sujalam Suflam pipeline. As part of this initiative, this water has also been poured into 38 ponds of Deesa taluka. As soon as the water arrived, the villagers were happy and greeted the water of Narmada. Additionally, in the coming time, Narmada water will be pumped into 52 more ponds. Thus, a total of 90 ponds in Disa taluka will be filled with Narmada water. This will ensure that even the dry areas of Deesa become green in the future, providing a permanent solution to the farmers’ water problem for irrigation.” DeshGujarat