Unseasonal rain in parts of Gujarat

Gandhinagar: Unseasonal rain lashed some parts of Gujarat today, with certain areas experiencing hailstorms. Around five districts were affected, namely Dahod, Banaskantha, Chotaudepur, Aravalli, and Sabarkantha.

In Dahod, rainfall was accompanied by hail despite the IMD’s forecast of rain from April 13th to 15th. This unexpected precipitation occurred in a few areas of Dahod.

A notable atmospheric change was observed in Banaskantha district, where rain, wind, and thunder occurred in areas including Veerampur, Kanpura, Dabheli, and Dhanpura of Amirgarh. These monsoon-like conditions emerged in the midst of summer, causing concern among farmers.

Aravalli district also witnessed light unseasonal rainfall. In Sabarkantha district, a change in the atmosphere was observed in the afternoon. Strong winds started flowing amidst cloudy weather, followed by repeated unseasonal rain in some parts of the district.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, a few districts in Gujarat are likely to witness rainfall during April 13th to 15th. DeshGujarat