Shortage of blood in Ahmedabad; donations reportedly fall by 65-70%

Ahmedabad: Blood banks in the city are experiencing a severe shortage due to a drop in blood donations this summer. A 65–70% decline in blood unit collection has been reported, leading to difficulties for patients in need of treatment at hospitals in Ahmedabad. Numerous organizations have organized blood donation camps in the city, yet they have not received a favorable response. This challenge arises annually due to the onset of summer and vacations.

According to sources related to a private blood bank, usually 3500 to 4500 units of blood are collected in a month. However, currently, only 1250 to 1500 units of blood are collected in a month. According to an estimate, there is a shortage of 65-70% of blood units in the public and private blood banks of Ahmedabad.

Recently, Ahmedabad Civil Hospital issued a public plea for blood donation due to an acute shortage of AB+ blood. Similar shortages have been observed at Sola Civil Hospital. While Shardaben Hospital has some AB+ and B+ blood available, the supply is insufficient. Additionally, the blood center at L.G. Hospital is also experiencing shortages. This crisis extends across government, private, and trust-managed hospitals in the city.

Blood banks are actively reaching out to regular blood donors while also contacting volunteer donors for thalassemia patients who require frequent transfusions. With the aid of social media, individuals are seeking blood donors for their hospitalized family members or relatives. Medical professionals emphasize that a single blood donation has the potential to save the lives of three individuals. DeshGujarat