Rajkot District Panchayat to administer Vitamin D-3 injections to 1 lakh women

Rajkot: The Rajkot District Panchayat has undertaken a project to address the physical and mental health issues faced by around 1 lakh women in the district who have reached menopause. The project will involve administering Vitamin D-3 injections to these women.

Rajkot’s District Development Officer Navnath Gavhane highlighted the challenges faced by women during menopause and the potential for treatment with common medication. He stated that Vitamin D deficiency is a major reason behind health issues and mood swings. The project aims to cover one lakh women at once and assess the impact with the help of AIIMS or a medical college. Discussions are currently underway for this collaboration.

The project aims to provide these injections to one lakh women in a single day to offer relief from menopausal problems. The estimated cost of the project is around Rs 50 lakh. The Panchayat is considering seeking grants or collaborating with NGOs for funding. Women who receive the injections will likely require follow-up doses every six months. DeshGujarat