SRFDCL cautions against unauthorised tampering with Sabarmati Riverfront electrical systems

Ahmedabad: The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL) has issued a public notice warning about unauthorized activities involving streetlight poles and power feeding sections at the Sabarmati Riverfront. The notice addresses the dangers of death due to electric shock resulting from tampering and theft of electrical components.

SRFDCL is responsible for providing lighting on the main roads along the east and west sides of the riverfront, as well as on the upper and lower promenades. All installations undergo safety checks before being activated. However, certain agencies have been attaching advertisement hoardings using wires or cables to these poles, creating electrical hazards.

Additionally, individuals have been illegally tapping power from these poles and stealing cables, junction boxes, and other electrical protection items. Such tampering exposes wires and components, significantly increasing the risk of electric shocks from the live power of 230/440 volts.

The public notice from SRFDCL warns against tampering with or stealing from the streetlight poles and power feeding sections. These actions are illegal and will result in legal consequences. SRFDCL explicitly states that it will not be liable for any loss of life or damage caused by unauthorized tampering.