In pictures: Narendra Modi opens the largest chilled & Frozen food Project of India at Vadnagar

Vadnagar, 26 April 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated Himalya international’s food processing plant at Vadnagar.

As per the announcement made on this occasion, this facility in Vadnagar – Sultanpur is the largest chilled & Frozen food Project of India.

-Rs 160 crore plant is on 21 hectares of land.

-The plant has facility for growing mushrooms, processing potatoes and other vegetables and processing of milk to produce mozzarella cheese sticks, ‘paneer’ and frozen yoghurt.

-The installed capacity of the mushroom division was 60,000 tonnes of compost per annum which would produce 12,000 tonnes of mushrooms per annum with a yield of 20 percent at 100 percent operating capacity.

-The plant will also produce 6,000 tonnes of mozzarella cheese, 9,000 tonnes of yoghurt, 27,000 tonnes of appetizers and 27,000 tonnes of french fries per annum.

-The plant has a storage facility for 2,000 tonnes of frozen products.

-The plant would provide direct employment to 1,500 people and indirect employment to around 5,000 residents of the area.

-The company has set up an export target of around Rs.600 crore annually from international market and has orders from the US, Singapore, Dubai and Malayasia.

-The company would launch its products in all major cities of India given the growing demand for them.