Story of two orphan tribal boys PM Modi met with and spoke about in Netrang

Gandhinagar: Prime Minister Modi while addressing the public rally in Netrang said that he was late as he was meeting two orphans boys whose lives were made better by efforts of his government.

PM Modi said, “I was late by two minutes here because I wanted to meet two tribal children. One is Avi and the other is Jay. Avi is 9th standard student while Jay is in 6th standard. Both are from tribal family. Parents of these two children died six years ago due to illness. One was 8 years old and the other was 2 years old then. Both would survive by cooking food and doing all by themselves. I saw their video and told CR Patil to do something. I was sitting in Delhi. But managed to have a house for them. Fan Computer, TV, all facilities. One today said he wants to become collector, the other said he wants to become engineer.